Sliders. It’s what’s for dinner. And jalapenos are jerks.


Dinner 01092016.pngLast night, I had the following menu for the fam:

  • Sliders (beef)
  • Stuffed jalapenos
  • Quick-pickled sweet cucumbers

I used grass-fed beef from Whole Foods (holy expensive, Batman!) and some sweet dinner rolls as buns for the sliders. Unfortunately for my budget, the sliders were absolutely delicious and we all noticed the difference in taste with the beef, even from the other organicĀ beef I usually buy from Wegmans. I don’t know why one grass-fed tastes so different from another. Maybe the fat percentages? Whole Foods had a 90% and Wegmans’ is 93.7%. Maybe it comes down to the actual grass they’re eating. I’m sure someone knows why. I, unfortunately, only have so much patience for looking things up and am fresh out at the moment.

The quick-pickled cucumbers were inspired by my favorite French cook, Laura Calder, after stalking perusing through her Instagram. The recipe I found to base mine off of was Guy Fieri’s on Food Network’s web site, and I use the word “base” loosely. More like…glanced over the general ingredients used.

I sliced the cucumbers super thin with my fancy mandolin (which I purchased a year ago and have just now opened the box), covered them in white vinegar, ditto with granulated sugar, added a dash of salt & pepper, then mixed them up and popped them in the fridge until dinner. They were a nice, crisp bite to change up the flavors from the heavier stuff.


Then the jalapenos and I went to war. Oh, sure. Just “seed” the jalapenos like it’s no big deal, says every cook and chef with a stuffed jalapenos recipe. Everyone repeats the obvious “don’t rub your eyes” and “wash your hands well” lines, but did they say anything about air quality? Hmpf.

20170109_210102If I didn’t know I was free of an jalapeno allergy, I would have been running for an inhaler once I got started halving and scooping these little punks. I was choking and gagging and crying and almost threw up a couple of times due to the jalapeno-infested air over the sink. What a freaking nightmare! Luckily, only my preschooler was there to witness my semi-psychotic episode. It wasn’t pretty.

Note to self: Invest in a face mask and gloves if you ever hope to accomplish this dish again.

Anyhow, after I halved and scooped out the seeds of the jalapenos, I mixed together some finely diced onion, cream cheese, and diced Monterey Jack (from a kids’ snack pack, I admit) with salt, pepper, and garlic powder to stuff inside the peppers. I roasted them at 425 for maybe 20 minutes? I’m terrible at times for this kind of stuff. Generally I’ll just check until whatever it is looks “done”.

And you know what? After all that work, the wussies family thought they were still too spicy and didn’t eat them. Maybe I’ll search for an alternative way to get the oils to calm down so I can make a more tame version. If I feel like it, that is. Ha!

That’s my share! Talk to you later.


P.S. I apologize for the picture quality, but I was not about to climb up into my loft studio to grab my DSLR for some dinner pics. Only my phone was within reach. After I start doing this regularly, I’ll get a nice point-and-shoot with auto-uploading or something. Promise.

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