Is it too late to make a new year resolution? Julia Child it is!

If I’m too late to the game, whatever. I’ll call it my January 11, 2017 resolution if I need to.

Oh, hi again! Yes, after I posted all about my dinner last night (which you were dying to know the juicy details about, I’m sure), I thought of something else to write about!

I’ll file this under “Examples of why I wanted to start a blog”. 🙂

Just another dreamer.

So I was cleaning my/our room last night – shocking, being that I’m an adult and all – and found my birthday present to myself last year. It was Julia Child’s classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking, a book I had always known of but had no appreciation for until I saw the movie, “Julie and Julia”.

I remember the night I watched it, too. I was in the same kitchen I am now, except I was living with my best friend who owns it as her roommate (long story short, I moved around a bit and now rent the whole place from her with my family).

That night, I was absolutely furious with what I call my “cookie curse” and was so sick of screwing up cookie recipes that I’d vowed to end it. Even the pre-mixed stuff in the pouches would burn! I had narrowed down two of the problems: pan type and oven temperament. Those were controllable variables, but I was still failing at drop cookie recipes. So I turned on the movie and watched it as I went through batch after batch.

Maybe the movie was the good luck charm? I couldn’t tell you for sure, but I did end the movie with two new revelations that would change culinary life for me forever: 1) I don’t care what the instructions say, I need more control and thus will pre-shape my cookies before baking them. I have rocked at cookie baking ever since; and 2) Maybe I did have the guts to give French cooking a try.

In the years following, I continued to pursue my cooking skills beyond fried SPAM and perfect baked goods and realized that my culinary tastes are almost 100% French in nature. Even stuff that wasn’t obviously “French” turned out to have ties to French food, e.g., Moroccan. Another long story short: AncestryDNA gave me results which perfectly aligned with that revelation. Oh, I’m adopted by the way, hence the bloodline curiosity. More on that later as it’s relevant.

Alright, I’m digressing. Back to the resolution!

I had wanted Julia’s book for years, feeling like I needed to cook through most of it similar to Julie in the movie in order to really feel like I knew something about French food. I’d watched Laura Calder’s show and tried recipes from the internet, but the book still intimidated me I guess even though, as I understand it, that was the complete opposite point of the book.

These count, right?

So last year I took a leap and bought it! I’m still on page like, 3. I know. I’m terrible.

Pulling it out of the pile of other books I’ve bought and not read yet, I decided to give it a prominent spot on my nightstand. Two rocket books and Julia Child. Oh, I’m also a space geek by the way. I’m sure you would have figured that out eventually.

After getting this blog started and cooking every night and watching food documentaries and…etc etc, I remembered that I’m pretty decent at accomplishing things once I’ve decided to do them. So why not add Julia Child to my “decided” list? I’m going to read and cook through with her classic book.

It’s worth a shot! And I think we can all agree that gaining new cooking skills is never a waste of time.

And that’s my share! Talk to you soon.


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