Lemon & caper pasta. It’s what’s for dinner. And I cheated on the chicken.

Last night I made the following menu for dinner:

  • Lemon pasta with capers
  • Grilled chicken with cherry tomatoes
  • Caesar salad
  • Honey roasted carrots
  • Sweet dinner rolls

Pretty yummy for a quick meal, if I do say so myself!


The lemon pasta has become somewhat of a staple now, actually. I originally found the recipe in Laura Calder’s French Food at Home (she hosted my absolute favorite cooking show of all time by the same name).


The recipe actually calls for heavy cream, but my family is sensitive to lactose (although we ate the recipe as-is a number of times in spite of it), so I decided to give it a try with skim, lactose-free milk and a quarter cup of butter. After that was the zest of about 3 lemons, then salt, pepper, & garlic powder to “taste”.


I heated it up to boiling in a pot, then removed it from the heat and stirred in about half a cup of cheese (Monterey Jack, if you must know the full bastardization) and the juice of one lemon. I cooked and drained the pasta, then stirred in the lemon sauce, and voila!


The taste was great! I don’t think I blended the cheese at the right time, though. Not sure if it was the more watery consistency of the milk that prevented it from blending, or the fact that I put it in with the lemon juice that doomed me most. Regardless, even though the cheese was slightly clumpy on the noodles, it was full of flavor. I’ll need a do-over to see if it’s a fixable problem.

carrotsThe carrots I had actually started first because they take forever to roast in the oven. I poured about half a bag of peeled, baby carrots in an oven-safe dish, covered the bottom to the dish with a bit of water, salt & peppered to taste, drizzled honey over top, and popped them in a 425 oven with foil on the top for about an hour or so. I checked and stirred them a couple of times, and removed the foil for the last 20 minutes. This is my favorite way to cook carrots. Still a touch crunchy, but full of honey flavor.

The Caesar salad and sweet rolls are pretty self-explanatory. Chop lettuce, add dressing and Parm, toss. Rolls, remove from package and place in nicer bowl. I was even able to let my preschooler help out with this part as a desperate attempt to keep her occupied. Hehe.

Now for the cheat: the chicken. Technically, I cooked it, but technically it was already cooked. You know, one of those packaged salad chicken strip pouches. So…I guess that means I reheated it. But I added cherry tomatoes to the pot while I did it!


I love how sweet cherry tomatoes get when they’re cooked. Honestly, if I don’t know what to use for flavor in almost any meal, I just grab a handful of cherry tomatoes and toss them in the pan with whatever item is going into the oven or pot. It’s a charmer!

Yes, I know those tomatoes don’t look cooked, but trust me. Their insta-pop hot juices were there for everyone taking a bite. 🙂

Aaaaaand here’s the final spread! I wonder if I can use this blog as an excuse to get a new dish set and matching serve wear. [Insert evil plotting face and chuckle]


That’s my share today! Talk to you soon.


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