Pork. It’s what’s for dinner. And my asparagus tart test went perfectly.

Last night, I made the following menu for my family:

  • Pork roast with roasted apples and onions
  • Baked sweet potatoes
  • Asparagus and cherry tomato tart

Overall, I was pretty proud of myself! The dinner was completely unplanned and impulse-inspired by some internet browsing.


Earlier in the week, I had purchased the roast on a whim while at Whole Foods because it was on special for like 4 bucks. Prior to cooking, I actually hadn’t even added it to my dinner menu yet for a full “meal” flesh out. That didn’t intimidate me, though. Nope, nope! #noexcuses

The little oink slab was about 1.5 pounds and came pre-seasoned (cheater cheater pumpkin pork eater). A date with my 350 degree oven for almost an hour did it up nice. Oh, and the kids donated 2 apples to the cause so I chopped them up along with a small onion to roast with the pig. There was a touch of water in the pan as well since the package directions told me to do so. #rulefollower


While waiting for that to cook, I decided that the defrosted pie crust in my fridge might be on its last leg and thus it was probably a good night to use it for something. Wait – what did I buy it for anyway? Oh, yeah! The asparagus in the freezer. I’d seen a tart in one of my French books and, combined with having recently had delicious roasted asparagus on something, I wanted to see if frozen asparagus would work as well as the fresh stuff.

I’ll take a moment here to note that I’m working on the whole “eat what’s in season” thing slowly. I’ve included frozen foods and personally canned stuff as acceptable when the fresh stuff is out of season because… Well, that’s why you preserve them! I also use the term “slowly” in a rather liberal manner.

So I sectioned off my pre-made pie crust into three parts and shaped them (kind of) into my cute little tart/mini-pie pans that an elf must have left on my shelf (seriously, I don’t remember ever owning them before I found them looking for another pan). Then I completed the following steps to create the tarts:

  • Brushed the tops with olive oil;
  • Ran the frozen asparagus under warm water just to soften them a bit;
  • Chopped the bottoms off so the spears were pan sized;
  • Halved a handful of cherry tomatoes and placed them on top of the asparagus;
  • Sprinkled everything with salt, pepper, and garlic powder; and
  • Put them in the oven with the pork, except on a top rack close to the heat source, for about 20-30 minutes. Reminder: oven timing isn’t my strong point. Basically, I kep checking them until they were roasted and the tomatoes were soft.

After they were done cooking, I sprinkled on just a touch of Parmesan and voila! They were delicious! When I sat down and ate them at the table I mean.


The sweet potatoes and I disagreed on how long they needed in order to cook through. I settled on 9 minutes in the microwave then another 20 minutes in the oven at 450 degrees after being halved and cubed (not cutting through the skin) then buttered a touch. A sprinkle of cinnamon and dollop of Daisy fat free sour cream finished them off.


It was a meal fit for a queen! Or at least two little ones, anyhow.

And that’s my share! Talk to you soon.


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