Social media, here I come!

Okay, I think I’ve made it maybe a week now since deciding to start a lifestyle blog. Yes, I’m too lazy to check the dates. So sue me.

It’s time to enter the world of social media!

Lucky for any victims onlookers, this isn’t my first rodeo, so I won’t just be bumbling through with pictures of my dinner, my pets, my garden…wait. Yes I will. Because that’s the damn point! 🙂

Yeah, pretty much my entire life.

I do social media for other projects, and thus far, I like Instagram for business sharing (marketing, baby!), Twitter for insider news/gossip line (seriously, by the time the mainstream guys get to it, it’s old), and Pinterest for gardening, fashion, and DIY ideas.

May I be honest for a minute? I’m still slow to get on board with the Pinterest-marketing-goods thing. I use the service as a dream board mostly, and now that it’s focusing on selling stuff, I genuinely do not like it as much.

Instead of the organic, “Hey! Try this idea” and daydream planning stuff, it’s now a bunch of sponsored stuff and links to purchasing things. I’m probably not a best-case scenario user. After all, I rarely leave the DIY/craft parts and when I do, I really don’t pay attention to the products at all unless it’s a legit how-to for something that I know nothing about. See: hydroponic nutrients.

Advise me, oh great Internet lords.

Phew. Okay, rant over.

While I haven’t used it for my current projects yet, I’ve always liked the format of the Google+ news feeds, but for whatever reason drifted away for a few years. I think whatever community I was interested in wasn’t super active on it yet so I moved on. Oh, well. I think I’m headed back!

The Google+ feed seems to be the best of “all” worlds in terms of:

  1. You can interact with public personal posts without people thinking it’s weird unlike Facebook, where it’s kind of creepy if it’s not a news topic or you don’t share for general audiences overall;
  2. The posts are simple and have the opportunity to get to the point for the most part without that 140 character limit, i.e., you can put the full title, summary, and hashtag roundup so people know what they’re clicking on rather than like Twitter, which requires shortened-attention-span-style headlines; and
  3. There are “communities” and “groups” all over, much like Facebook’s pages, except you can have multiple project/business accounts to manage all that stuff, both as owner and interacter, unlike Facebook where you can only be your legal self with an account or loose all social connectivity stuff by opening a “page only” type account. Oh, and by paying good money to get people to pay attention to your page. Not sure if that’s a “thing” in G+ yet.

All that considered, I think Instagram (because not everything I want to share needs a blog post), Google+ (for both blog and short-shares), and Twitter (for general chat and news commentary) will be my mediums for the DJ Living Life blog/project. I’ve still got my eye on you, YouTube!

Please enjoy this generic photograph whose intention is to visually represent something I just wrote.

Yeah, I said it. A YouTube channel? Why not?! I’ve always wanted to do some sort of self-hosted show thing. We’ll see how it goes with my space stuff channel, and if I’ve got the balls confidence, I’ll try it out with this stuff!

Sheesh, why couldn’t she just say, “Here’s my social media info!”.

I know. I’m a talker. #sorrynotsorry

Talk to you soon!



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