Seed baby update! They’ve learned to be hydroponic.


I’m secretly patting myself on the back for choosing green beans as my lab rats guinea pigs for my first hydroponics experiment because, as you can see, they are pretty impressive growers.


I haven’t even put the nutrients in the water yet! Why not? Uh, it’s a complicated mix of nerves, time availability, and overall laziness. See? Slowly it will become undeniably apparent why I’m seeking a way to garden that works better for my…rhythm. Ha.

All the roots have managed to crawl their way through the soil-less medium (i.e., clay balls) and into the water depths. It’s kind of creepy looking, but oh-so-cool at the same time. Go, babies, go!

I might need to start thinking about a trellis contraption once those vines get going. Hmm.

And that’s my share!


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