Back on the ball. I think. Maybe. Perhaps.

This post title might actually be literal, you know. I happen to have an exercise ball avec chair in my office at work, and it’s entirely possible that I’m attempting to reincarnate my will to use it.


Just kidding. I meant it the way you probably assumed it was meant to be meant.

I used to feel bad for taking blogging breaks, but not anymore. We all have lives, and most of our reasons for keeping up with them can be interrupted by those same lives. That, and I’ve followed enough blogs and friends who’ve blogged to understand the commonality of blogging ebb and flow.

Heh. It seems I’m in a repetitive mood today. Yes, I have thoroughly entertained myself.

If I were to qualify my reasons for starting this site with such enthusiasm and then suddenly leaving it alone altogether, I’d blame my lack of direction. I knew I wanted to share things in my life, but not entirely sure what. Since there was nothing to focus on, I lacked focus. [There I go repeating, again.]

I’m still not 100% sure that I’ve picked a particular topic, but I do know a few things for sure:

  • I like to cook. [and I’m doing a lot of it lately]
  • I like to garden. [and I’m succeeding with my newfound patience]
  • I like to crochet. [and have actually figured out how to finish projects before boredom strikes]
  • I’m trying to learn French to go along with the French dishes I’m always attempting. [emphasis on ‘attempt’]
  • I like ballet-inspired workouts. [and I’d like a place to commiserate with other adult beginners]
  • I have a teenager. [see: commiserate comment above]
  • I have a preschooler. [ditto]
  • I like to write. [and would like to hold myself accountable, share my works, connect with readers & writers, and learn “social media” networking per the realities of today’s writing market]

I think it’s that last one that merits a blog more than any other. Perhaps the other parts will find a role as things progress [wishful thinking?]. We shall see where this goes! I have some ideas to run with, so the trick will be figuring out how to do more ‘flow’ than ‘ebb’.

Wish me luck! Talk to you soon.


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