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  1. Tan M Butler says:

    Could you just write it out like “they travelled to the year XXXX, and met XXXX” then when you’ve finished that chapter go back and fill in the finer details? That way you are still writing something and keeping focused on the priority.

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    1. Deixa says:

      Thanks for the feedback!

      I think I could come up with a situation and dialogue, maybe mark where I need to fill in setting details… I just worry that it will end up being anachronistic and have to redo the whole thing. Lol. That still might work using minimal research that I could go back and add to. I have a scene where one character puts another in the position of being sold to a prostitution house – it wouldn’t take too much preliminary research to know those existed practically everywhere!

      Thanks again!



      1. Tan M Butler says:

        Yeah I understand what you mean. What about scheduling in the research and writing? Monday – 3 hours max research with 2 hours writing (if you have that sort of time free). It’s all about finding that balance ultimately!

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      2. Deixa says:

        Hmm…I could modify that into something workable. Documentary/movie Mondays, writing Wednesdays, etc. Good idea. Thanks again!

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