My name is Dacia (pronounced day-sha), and I’m a modern girl stuck inside five different movies in my head. Wouldn’t you know, they’re nearly all set in different time periods as well? It creates an interesting perspective on life. That, and I’m a creative person overall, so I’m always up to something!

I like to pretend I know something about French cooking in my kitchen. Every once in a while, I get it right (I think), but the outcome is generally a working, American mom’s version of something that was more elegant in print. But that’s okay! It’s still fun and generally tasty. Italian, German, and Slavic dishes also meander their way over.


I also like to garden in my¬†little door-sized greenhouse. I have a tiny porch that attempts to host edible goodies as well, but the squirrels are big snackers in these parts. They usually win the battle, and I’m terrible about just wanting to watch their cute little faces while they nom.

Oh, well.

I’m a Pinterest addict on top of things, especially organizational ideas. I like to crochet when I have the time, and try my hand at sewing when I’m feeling particularly brave. Oh, and I’m sure my kids would like me to mention them¬†(#sarcasm). I have a teenager that’s homeschooled and a preschooler that’s a gifted troublemaker. The husband came free as a package deal.

Per the above, I’ve often wanted a place to share my dishes, projects, and ideas, but didn’t just want to flood my personal Facebook account with them. So, tada! This blog is my answer to embarking on a shared life.

I hope you enjoy my little place on the web as much as I like creating it.

– DJ

P.S. “DJ” uses my middle name and is just easier to remember. In case you were wondering.